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The Center

With Seres Global board, San Francisco, 2017

After surviving a near-death experience in 1985, I launched the Schiller Center for Connective Change to help people in organizations create better futures for themselves, their organizations, their communities, and the world. We help nonprofit leaders at the local, national, and international levels clarify their calling, then align programs, systems, structures, and resources to harmoniously achieve it.

The Center is a 501.c.3 nonprofit because I wanted all of our work to serve the common social good. We are accountable to a Board, modeling what we teach our nonprofit clients. Many years after my decision to form the Center as a nonprofit, I am still driven by the conviction that we are not "hired" consultants; we serve powerful ideas that improve people's lives.

Over the years, the Center has received grants and tax-deductible gifts that have allowed us to pursue research and writing projects, develop curricula, train educators, and serve "underprivileged" organizations. The primary source of our funding, however, comes from fees for services performed by myself and the partners I bring to a project. All of the work I have done since 1985 has been conducted through the Center.