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Exceptional organizations everywhere hum with vibrancy, relevance, and success. You can feel their magic, even if you don't know how they created it. When an organization hums, all of its people and parts are aligned with its purpose. Governing boards, leaders, and managers agree about where they want to go and how to get there.

Hum: Using Connective Change to Lead Your Organization to Greater Purpose and Harmony is a must-read for leaders who feel overwhelmed by change, inundated by demands to do more with less, and frustrated with negative patterns and old solutions. Sharing what she's learned from helping organizations all over the world shine, Schiller shares the secrets of organizations that hum, along with practical steps and tools for leaders who want their own organizations to achieve greater purpose and harmony.

Testimonials for Hum

"I love this book. Drawing on her vast experience with organizations and her rich personal experience, Sherry Schiller has created a fresh and inspirational guidebook of true wisdom and practical tools for organizational vibrancy and personal fulfillment. Reading her words, I have the sense that she has been keenly observing and deeply listening throughout her life. For me, Hum feels like a call to come home. It is a brilliant offering, and its message has the power to change the world."
—Craig Hella Johnson, Artistic Director, Conspirare

"Applying her extraordinary experience and people skills, Sherry coached us to create a strong school culture that maximized teaching and learning in a challenging environment. I can't wait to put the ideas she shares in this book into practice at my new school."
—Dr. Monica Medina-Olds, Deputy Director, Escola Americana do Rio de Janeiro

"Hum provides organizations with both the ways and means for building connective cultures and is a must read for any leader who wants its organization to thrive. The best part of Schiller's work is that while you go about using her principles to change your organization for the better, you end up doing the same thing to yourself."
—Andrea Fuller, CEO, MindFarm

"Sherry has a unique talent for enabling individuals to look past their comfort zone and depart from historical norms to imagine what the future can hold for their organization."
—Valre W. Welch, MSN, RN, CPNP, President of SUNA

Hum is also available in the following eBook formats: